5 Best Vocal Noises In Rock

http://www.thecavanproject.com/good-date-night-meals/Articulation is rarely a trait to receive high praise in rock, and we ain’t about to start hear. This is more about the primal noises that lead signers make in certain songs that become a trademark of either them or the song. Here’s a short collection of five really great vocal noises in rock that some of which you should almost be able to replicate in your head (or even out loud!) without even listening to the track. And if ever there was a list that is screaming out (see what I did there?) for input from readers it’s this one – make sure you add any favourites in the comments section below!

1. The “Ewww” in Easy Like Sunday Morning by Faith No Moore’s Mike Patton (at 1:52) – gets me every time

2. “Yeeeeaaaah” in Won’t Get Fooled Again? By Roger Daltrey from The Who (at 7:50) – a true classic

3. Scream from The Muffs’ Kim Shattuck in Weird Boy Next Door (first at 1:05 then throughout the song) – not that well known but she’s got a great scream!

4. “Huh” in War by Edwin Starr (first at 0:07!) – no one does it better

5. The “ahhhhhh” in Suffragette City from David Bowie (at 2:49) – not as passionate as the others but still unmistakable.


2 Comments on “5 Best Vocal Noises In Rock

  1. Awesome choices… I think an honourable mention would have to go Brad Delp’s scream in Boston’s More than a Feeling (around the 3min 30 sec mark) She slipped awayaaaayyyyyyyyyayyyyyyyyyyyyy

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