Shuffle Aces: Water Liars – Sucker

Water LiarsWhen I first heard Sucker the other day I immediately felt a need to find out a bit more about the Water Liars – a band I’d never heard of. The song is simple but really well constructed and stuck with me for the rest of the day. To then discover that the band is yet another of the drum/guitar duos that have become cool made things a bit more interesting, although they aren’t averse to bringing in instrumental help or multi tracking in the studio. Continue reading

Original Song: Wine And Roses

Original songThis month’s original song has its roots back in 2007 when I wrote a couple of verses that have lived in my notebook ever since. In searching for some inspiration I found them again a couple of weeks ago and decided to flesh it out – and Wine And Roses is the result. The interesting thing is that it’s a song that has a bunch of things that could really be changed but I’ve nevertheless become quite attached to it. Continue reading

RockArt: Mojobone Works Slides

mojobone worksA while back when I was building a couple of cigar box guitars I joined the Cigar Box Guitar Facebook group. There I noticed a couple of posts come through from Randy Bretz, the man behind Mojobone Works. I was immediately struck by the creativity and craftsmanship he displays in creating his unique bone and wood slides, as well as a range of bone nuts, saddles, bridges, and custom guitar picks. I’m intrigued as to how he can get the wood and bone to work so well together – but I think I’ll just be happy to leave that as part of the magic! Continue reading

Shuffle Aces: Lydia Loveless – Wine Lips

Lydia LovelessHere’s another great discovery courtesy a recent listening to the Sound Opinions podcast. Lydia Loveless is an Ohio-born alt-country singer/songwriter who manages to bring a punk and honky tonk feeling to classic country sounds – a little like a female Hank Williams III or Steve Earle. After dabbling in various bands she ended up playing at South By Southwest in 2010 where she was spotted by the Bloodshot label owners who signed her up as a real diamond in the rough with a powerhouse voice. Continue reading

12 Sports Teams Singing

super bowl shuffleWhen it comes to sports teams singing songs, there’s one thing for sure: they are better at their sport than they are at singing. That doesn’t stop these clips being great fun to watch. Sadly there are a few that aren’t available online and if ever there was a list that needed some input from others, this is it. So please let me know in the comments section of any other good ones you are aware of – especially if there’s a video of the team performing the song to support it! Continue reading