Original Song: One Man

original songI got the bulk of this month’s original song down in the first week of August. I played it to a couple of my “advisors” who both made the comment that I’m channeling my inner Nick Cave. It’s a reasonably common comment that is strange given I’ve never really been a Cave kind of guy and rarely have listened to his work. Maybe I should! They also made a couple of great suggestions about things I could do to improve the track, but sadly I just haven’t had the chance to act on their advise – so what you get here is pretty much the original take with a couple of tweaks I made over the weekend. Continue reading

Shuffle Aces: Mark Crozer And The Rels – Broken Out In Love

Mark CrozerA couple of weeks ago I attended the WWE show in Sydney with my sons. It was pretty good entertainment, but the absolute highlight was when the Wyatt Family entered the arena. For those not in the wrestling know, this entails the lights going out and everyone in the audience holds up their phones (in the old days it would have been lighters) and swaying back and forth. Then the music starts as the good ol’ Wyatts wander down the ramp in darkness towards the ring. The music is, as I now know, the Mark Crozer and the Rels song Broken Out In Love (but renamed Live In Fear by the WWE crew after they bought the rights to it. Bottom line is that it’s an awesome track. Continue reading

RockArt: Tom Scharpling Music Videos

Tom Scharpling

Jon Hamm as Scharpling

I recently came across a reference to the work American comedian Tom Scharpling has done in directing music videos. All it said was that he’d pushed the boundaries a bit – so obviously he had to be checked out. Turns out he has worked with a number of bands, generally ones that he is friends with, with the common thread of strange story lines, celebrity cameos and a very low budget. Sounds good doesn’t it – what’s not to like? Continue reading

The Hellbenders: Tainted Love (again)

I know I’ve put up this version of Soft Cell’s Tainted Love by The Hellbenders before, but we recently redid it with better audio, a couple of cameras, and a change of instruments – yep, my beloved double bass got it’s first run in a band setting with this clip. Continue reading

Shuffle Aces: The Muffs – Weird Boy Next Door

the muffsThis is one of my highlight discoveries for the year! When I first heard it in the car a couple of weeks back I immediately tracked it down and listened to it on repeat for the rest of the ride home. The Muffs’ Weird Boy Next Door has become my single of the year so far, and their SoCal punk/pop sound is so full of energy and recklessness that it still feels really refreshing. This takes me back to the raw sound of the music I grew up with… Continue reading