RockArt: Lucas Brunelle – Welcome To The Jungle

Lucas BrunelleThe link to music is a little tenuous on this one but it’s something that I’ve always loved and just wanted an excuse to post it. The first time I saw this video several years ago I was immediately struck by the fact the music was the perfect match for the footage. In these days of GoPros, footage like this is pretty common, but in the early 2000s when Lucas Brunelle was shooting cycle courier stuff he really was at the cutting edge and I remember how blown away people were who saw this clip. This video has always been a favourite of mine – for both the footage and the music choice. Continue reading

Shuffle Aces: Benjamin Booker – Have You Seen My Son

benjamin bookerMy first exposure to Benjamin Booker was on the show featured in this clip, Sound Opinions. It’s a podcast I regularly rave about it so I’d certainly recommend you subscribe. In the interview he came across as a fascinating person with a broad range of influences and I was intrigued to hear what he sounded like as I couldn’t quite tell what to expect. When I finally heard his voice, let alone his raw blues-influenced guitar work I was sold. Continue reading

129 Songs With Red In The Title

Songs With Red In The TitleAnother month, another list. I quite enjoyed the September Songs list from last month, so what better than an October theme. Hmm, October… Rocktober? Octo songs (eight band members)? Hunt for Red October? Yep, that’s a look inside the way my brain works…and so without further ado here are a bunch of songs with red in the title as homage to a cracking movie. In the words of Sean “Captain Ramius” Connery, “Give me a ping, Vasili. One ping only, please.” But if you do have any other “red” songs – as you no doubt will – please add them in the comments section below! Continue reading

Original Song: In Dirt We’ll Play

dirtSeptember has certainly been a big month: three family birthdays, fathers day, school holidays, a five-day motorcycle trip, crazy busy at work, and I ended up in hospital for a few days. Despite all that the original song streak continues: In Dirt We’ll Play is the latest one, although it’s got more of an unfinished feel than usual (that’s saying something!) given the challenge of finding time to work on it around everything else. Continue reading

Shuffle Aces: Kan Wakan – Like I Need You

kan wakanI sometimes wonder if I’m the only one who has missed a particular song when I hear something, do a bit of research and discover it was actually a hit. In this case, I bounced Kan Wakan Like I Need You off my teenage kids, but interestingly none of them had heard it either. Part of the success of this track is that it was used in an HBO promo (which explains why it’s not as well known here in Australia), but there’s something about this band that I find really interesting. Continue reading