Original Song: Random Thoughts

random thoughtsAnd so to the 38th month in a row that I’ve been on this song-a-month caper! This one is a bit of a mash-up of lyrical ideas that had been floating around for a while – if you can make sense of it you’re a better person that me! The good thing is that by taking the pressure of the lyrics this month I got time to play around with some different sounds and effects on the song. The title Random Thoughts is very much a true reflection of this track – very random indeed. Continue reading

Shuffle Aces: Graham Parker – Socks ‘n’ Sandals

socksnsandalsI only came across this when Graham Parker himself shared a link to the YouTube clip of the song the other day on Facebook. The track, Socks ‘n’ Sandals, is taken from the 2001 release Deepcut To Nowhere and it’s great to see there’s a not-so-prickly side to Parker! I’ve always loved his work and Squeezing Out Sparks is one of my all-time favourite albums. It’s always been his cutting lyrics that have been at the forefront, so seeing him having a bit of fun like this is cool. Continue reading

Shuffle Aces: Courtney Barnett – Avant Gardener

avant gardenerI know this song has been around for a while, but I only heard it for the first time recently. What I also know is that Courtney Barnett’s voice immediately fascinated me. Then last week I was looking at one of the omni-present “best of 2014” lists and there she was again. This song has obviously achieved some profile, but there’s still something about hearing it for the first time that makes you realise there’s something a little different and a little special about Barnett. Avant Gardener not only sounds great, the subject matter – having an anaphylactic asthma attack on a hot day – showcases Barnett’s ability to make create great songs out of unusual things. Continue reading

20 Best Songs About Work

songs about workAs we all settle into the New Year, post the joys of holiday breaks, it’s time to look at some songs about work. Most, it has to be said, are “celebrations” of the daily grind and not exactly the most positive of tunes, but they are great songs. And while most of the jobs the songs revolve around aren’t that flash, at least Neil Young has some fun with his career in a band! Oh, and anytime a list can include The Clash, Neil Young and Elvis Costello alongside the might of Loverboy you know you are on a winner ;-) Continue reading

Original Song: You Cannot Go Too Far

you cannot go too farTime to kick off 2015 with the 45th song in the original song a month project, You Cannot Go Too Far. Not surprisingly it’s another track with the lyrics coming from the motorbike adventure-riding world. As often happens with this process, what I’d originally planned with the sound and feel of the track changed several times through the recording process as I struggled to get what I wanted – if it doesn’t feel right quite quickly I’ll simply change my approach! Continue reading