Shuffle Aces: The Members – Solitary Confinement

At The Chelsea NightclubI actually remember the first time I heard Solitary Confinement as a 15-year-old on the old JJ radio station in Sydney. I was already into most of the punk bands at that time, but The Members really stood out with their clever lyrics and ability to blend a bunch of musical styles together. When their first album, At The Chelsea Nightclub, was released a year later I was all in. Years later when most of my vinyl went missing in a move, it was At The Chelsea Nightclub that I was really gutted about losing. While most of the tracks appeared in compilations over the years, I could never find the complete album on CD. Eventually I managed to cobble together all the tracks on mp3, but it was never the same. Continue reading

RockArt: OK Go Videos

OK Go videosI can’t recall how I stumbled across this, and I can’t say I’ve heard much about OK Go as a band, but OK Go videos? Wow! This clip for their song I Won’t Let You Down is amazing, and features pretty cool little “motorcyles” (Honda U3-X models) that have a nifty gyroscope in them that lets all the folks in this video do some amazing things. This discovery led me on to a couple of their other videos – both of which are pretty amazing in their own right. It’s pretty embarrassing to say I wasn’t aware of these when you look at the number of plays they’ve had on YouTube, but if you’ve lived under a rock like me I reckon you’ll enjoy them. Continue reading

5 Best Vocal Noises In Rock

best vocal noise in rockArticulation is rarely a trait to receive high praise in rock, and we ain’t about to start hear. This is more about the primal noises that lead signers make in certain songs that become a trademark of either them or the song. Here’s a short collection of five really great vocal noises in rock that some of which you should almost be able to replicate in your head (or even out loud!) without even listening to the track. And if ever there was a list that is screaming out (see what I did there?) for input from readers it’s this one – make sure you add any favourites in the comments section below! Continue reading

Original Song: One Chance

One ChanceAdmission time: I’m taking a bit of a mulligan on this track as I technically didn’t complete the recording of it in October. I wrote the lyrics and got the basic chord pattern set by the middle of the month but I had a really tough run finding time to actually record it. Still as the 42nd song in the project I reckon I’ve earnt a leave pass here. To simply get it out I’ve kept the recording very simple – just guitar, bass and vocals – but that probably suits it anyway. Continue reading

RockArt: Lucas Brunelle – Welcome To The Jungle

Lucas BrunelleThe link to music is a little tenuous on this one but it’s something that I’ve always loved and just wanted an excuse to post it. The first time I saw this video several years ago I was immediately struck by the fact the music was the perfect match for the footage. In these days of GoPros, footage like this is pretty common, but in the early 2000s when Lucas Brunelle was shooting cycle courier stuff he really was at the cutting edge and I remember how blown away people were who saw this clip. This video has always been a favourite of mine – for both the footage and the music choice. Continue reading