Shuffle Aces: Surfside 6 – Cool In The Tube

cool in the tubeHere’s a blast from the past, in fact one of the first singles I remember buying from the legendary Phantom Records in Sydney. Phantom was also a record label at the forefront of indie during their heyday from 1979 until the mid ‘80s with bands like Sunnyboys, Hoodoo Gurus and Hummingbirds all in the stable. The Surfside 6 was less well-known but was Phantom’s second release ever. This song, Cool In The Tube, was classic surf-pop and somehow nailed it for me – especially as I was in a retro surf meets new-wave punk kind of mode at the time! Continue reading

9 Songs About Telephones

songs about telephonesI recently happened to hear the old ELO classic Telephone Line, and I started, as you do, thinking about songs that had something to do with telephones. It wasn’t too hard to come up with quite a few, but narrowing it down to the ones that are actually decent was tougher. Here, then, are the nine songs about telephones that made the cut for me. As always, if you’ve got any you reckon are worthy of mention please let me know in the comments below. Continue reading

Original Song: The Granary

the granaryWell, the 43rd original song in the song-a-month project is finally done – yet another month when I’ve gone down to the wire! This time it’s a track that has its roots in a trip to Boston a few years back where I spent some time wandering around, you guessed it, the Granary. The history of Boston is amazing and there was something special about the place on a cold and snowy day. I’d jotted down a few lyrics at the time, but have finally got around to putting it together. Continue reading

Shuffle Aces: The Members – Solitary Confinement

At The Chelsea NightclubI actually remember the first time I heard Solitary Confinement as a 15-year-old on the old JJ radio station in Sydney. I was already into most of the punk bands at that time, but The Members really stood out with their clever lyrics and ability to blend a bunch of musical styles together. When their first album, At The Chelsea Nightclub, was released a year later I was all in. Years later when most of my vinyl went missing in a move, it was At The Chelsea Nightclub that I was really gutted about losing. While most of the tracks appeared in compilations over the years, I could never find the complete album on CD. Eventually I managed to cobble together all the tracks on mp3, but it was never the same. Continue reading

RockArt: OK Go Videos

OK Go videosI can’t recall how I stumbled across this, and I can’t say I’ve heard much about OK Go as a band, but OK Go videos? Wow! This clip for their song I Won’t Let You Down is amazing, and features pretty cool little “motorcyles” (Honda U3-X models) that have a nifty gyroscope in them that lets all the folks in this video do some amazing things. This discovery led me on to a couple of their other videos – both of which are pretty amazing in their own right. It’s pretty embarrassing to say I wasn’t aware of these when you look at the number of plays they’ve had on YouTube, but if you’ve lived under a rock like me I reckon you’ll enjoy them. Continue reading