Original Song: You Cannot Go Too Far

you cannot go too farTime to kick off 2015 with the 45th song in the original song a month project, You Cannot Go Too Far. Not surprisingly it’s another track with the lyrics coming from the motorbike adventure-riding world. As often happens with this process, what I’d originally planned with the sound and feel of the track changed several times through the recording process as I struggled to get what I wanted – if it doesn’t feel right quite quickly I’ll simply change my approach! Continue reading

Shuffle Aces: Joelistics and You Am I – Say I’m Good

Joelistics and You am I One of my favourite things in the musical world is collaborations between artists – I did a list of some of my favourites a while back that you can find here  – and this collaboration between Joelistics and You Am I (a long time favourite act) on Say I’m Good is a real cracker. When rappers and hip-hop artists have live backing bands I think it really adds to the track as you get that great emotional interplay between the band and the lyrics. Of course on a track like this you’re getting an excellent relentless riff that the band really gets into. Continue reading

50 Songs Over 10 Minutes Long

songs over 10 minutes longAs everything we do becomes more and more “bite-sized”, the same thing has happened with music. In pulling together this list it became very obvious very quickly that very few long songs have been released in the last 20 years. The bands that made “epic” and art form – Pink Floyd, Jethro Tull, Mike Oldfield, Genesis, Yes, Frank Zappa, The Doors etc – are all old acts. I’ve tried to keep this to songs that I actually recognized as there’s heaps of prog rock stuff that cracked the 10-minute mark back in the ‘70s, as well as trying to limit the number of tracks that I listed from the aforementioned masters of long play. Continue reading

RockArt: Inside Instruments

inside instrumentsThis is a cracker that appeared in my Facebook feed the other day: as part of a campaign to promote the Berlin Philharmonic orchestra Mona Sibai and Björn Ewers came up with an idea to photograph musical instruments from inside. They enlisted the services of photographer Mierswa Kluska to shoot the insides of a violin, cello, flute and pipe organ. The results are spectacular, and show how a different view of something can change your perception of what it is entirely! The “inside instruments” project makes you think about what else could be shot this way. Continue reading

Original Song: Saltwater Is The Cure

Saltwater Is The CureAnd so 2014 comes to an end with the 44th song in the original song a month project, Saltwater Is The Cure. I quite enjoyed the process with this one as it was all built around the song title that came to me early in the month. I wanted to get a surf movie soundtrack kind of sound and some suitably evocative lyrics – both of which came much more easily than I thought they would. I’m particularly fond of the chord progression, particular the B to G#m7 chord change of the verse. It just feels… nice! Continue reading