Joe Gore and The Art Of Expression

I go to a lot of different guitar websites in my relentless pursuit of information (don’t we all!), and not long ago while probably searching for something about “tone” I came across perhaps the most important piece of… Read More

Original Song: The Deed

Month 80 of original song-a-month project and a song that had to be squeezed out at the last moment! The Deed is an idea that’s been floating around for a while, but never brought to life. Recently I’ve… Read More

28 Songs in Unusual Time Signatures

The time signature for almost all pop/rock songs is 4/4 but there are some interesting unusual time signatures used in great songs. As a songwriter I tend to write in 4/4 just because it works in my head,… Read More

DIY Microphone Stand

Just a quick post to show a recent build: a DIY microphone stand. I wanted to keep the various mics I have close at hand when recording, but rather than tuck them away I figured they needed a… Read More

Original Song: Dreams

Month 79 of original song-a-month project and a song that’s been through the Magnificent Companeros production process before arriving here! Dreams is one of those songs that started as a simple set of lyrics and a chord progression,… Read More


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