Original Song: The Woman Who Froze In Fargo

Month 78 of the original song a month project. The Woman Who Froze In Fargo is another magazine article based song – a young Japanese girl who thought the movie Fargo was a true story and ended up… Read More

The Magnificent Companeros, Lazy Bones 24/5/18

We came, we saw, we played! A great night for the first Magnificent Companeros gig and we’re very happy with how it went. It was a great feeling to actually perform so many songs that started out here… Read More

Shuffle Aces: Brass Against – Wake Up

Not exactly something new, but something I only recently came across. Brass Against are a NYC-based brass band playing protest songs and other hip hop anthems. While the name suggests they’re a Rage Against The Machine cover band,… Read More

Original Song: Another Place

Month number 77 of the song-a-month project, and it’s been a tough one given my musical energies have all been around getting ready for The Magnificent Companeros gig we did on May 24 (which went very well, thank… Read More

The Definitive Amp In A Box Effect List

As is often the way, when I start wanting to research a subject for my own interest it turns into a list! I’ve been looking at amp in a box effects for a while now as both a… Read More


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