DIY: Pedalboard Hack

I’ve always got some project on the go and this time it’s a pedalboard hack. I’ve been through a lot of pedalboards in my time – big ones, small ones, homemade and professional. Right now for the pedals… Read More

Original Song: Out Of Time

Month 82 of original song-a-month project and another song that had to be squeezed out at the last moment! Again there’s been a flurry of Magnificent Companeros activity with a bunch of new songs being worked on but… Read More

20 Musicians Who Own Wineries

With a personal love of wine and music, creating a list of musicians who own wineries has been a long time coming! Some of these may be hard to track down, but keep an eye at your local… Read More

DIY Pick Holder

Now this isn’t an original idea, but this DIY pick holder is pretty cool. I originally saw it on YouTube then went about making my own. A couple of bits of wood (I used some 30mm by 18mm… Read More

Original Song: Zero To Sixty

This month, the 81st month of the original-song-a-month project, is a bit different. It’s not unusual that the song itself is not really finished in a way I’d like – in fact I think it need the band… Read More


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