Original Song: Blind

Month 67 of the original song a month project! Blind was an interesting case where I had the lyrics and then went hunting through all my Logic files looking for a previously written piece of music to put… Read More

Original Song: The Judges’ Ruling

Month 66 of the original song a month project and a song that originally started out as a basic blues number, but with a couple of tweaks has changed form. It’s also a track that The Magnificent Compañero… Read More

The Magnificent Compañeros – Down At Findlay Park

Regular readers will be well aware of the work that Will Berryman and I have been doing getting the first album together for The Magnificent Companeros. The good news is that Down At Findlay Park is now available… Read More

Original Song: Saved By The Bell

Month 65 of the original song a month project and a simple song inspired by a conversation I overheard bits of at a coffee shop: “That’s just as well you were saved by the bell!” Not too much… Read More

Original Song: I Read It On A Poster

Month 64 of the original song a month project and there’s a pretty sparse offering. The idea behind this song started a few months back when I was at an airport and saw a poster with the line… Read More


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