Original Song: Can I Be The One?

Month 93 of the song-a-month project, – yep, inching ever closer to the century mark! I could pretty much say exactly what I did last month: another month scraping in by the skin of my teeth and all… Read More

Original Song: Attachment

Month 91 of original song-a-month project and a song based on the book Attached by Amir Levine and Rachel Heller. It’s an interesting look at relationships and the way people interact. I’m quite happy with the music on… Read More

Original Song: What Is Love?

Month 90 of original song-a-month project. This one came together over a couple of cold Adelaide winter nights and is probably crying out for some more production work (I wonder if I will ever not say that about… Read More

Original Song: Flow

Month 89 of original song-a-month project and a very simple piece – just two chords in fact. Sadly it’s another month where I haven’t had a great deal of time to play around with the song so the… Read More

Original Song: Don’t Forget

Month 88 of the song-a-month project has me sounding like a broken record with yet more challenges attached. This time some computer problems are all I can blame, but there’s a song here so I shouldn’t complain too… Read More


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