One Million Page Impressions!

One Million Page ImpressionsSeven years and 21 days ago I built this website to track the progress of writing, recording and publishing a song each month. It has been all about staying true to the edict that creativity doesn’t need inspiration, it needs a deadline. 84 songs and months down, I’ve maintained the objective and along the way written and published a bunch of other stories, lists and reviews on the site. I’ve also documented the various musical DIY projects I’ve undertaken, from building guitars and effects pedals, speaker cabinets and assorted accessories and instruments.

This month the website received its one millionth page impression!

Over those seven years my songs have been listened to and website visited by people from 219 countries; I’ve made $998.26 from Google ads (making money online isn’t that easy!); and achieved high google search results for such weird things as “25 tall musicians”, “20 songs about September” and “101 effect pedal clones”. Strangely the best day the site has ever had was yesterday with 3617 visitors, the majority of whom came to check out (even more bizarrely) “42 musicians who spent time in prison”. I’ve also probably bored countless people along the way with tales of this exploit!

I just wanted to thank everyone who has followed my progress. In particular I want to thank Will Berrymanwho has helped craft my “demo” songs into more fully fledged tracks, and many of the songs have found their way into the repertoire of The Magnificent Companeros. In fact there’s more than 100 other songs in various stages of development that haven’t made it to the site yet.

It’s been quite a journey, and I’ve no intention of stopping!

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