And so the journey comes to an end…

As many of you know for about eight and a half years I have been writing and publishing an original song each month born out of the idea that creativity doesn’t need inspiration, it needs a deadline. You may also have noticed there hasn’t been one for a couple of months. On the last day of May I decided not to publish. It was almost done, but I realised that the pressure of getting it done was actually defeating the purpose of doing it. In fact, for the past few months it’s felt like a bit of a chore – which isn’t a good thing when you’ve set yourself a creative target. Happily, the last song I published in April marked the 100th month in a row of doing it, so perhaps gave me the perfect excuse to wrap up the project.

Deciding to not publish was actually like a weight lifting from my shoulders, but at the same time made me excited to start something new. I’ll still create things (repetition has created a habit), but I’m taking the deadline pressure away to allow some song ideas to be developed further.

So on that basis the site will now only be rarely updated, but I figure it’s still a nice way to track the journey. Thanks for all the support!

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