Compañero Bass IV Project

Okay, on to the next build! I received a Pitbull Guitars JB-4 kit from the family for my birthday as I’ve been working on a plan based around it for a couple of months. Once the kit arrived… Read More

Two-string Bass Custom Box Guitar

My journey of discovery around the whole cigar box guitar scene has been well documented on this site but as primarily a bass player I didn’t want the low end to miss out. There are a couple of nice… Read More

Gretsch Jet Baritone Review

Baritones are tricky beasts in that they can be tuned a number of ways. The Gretsch Jet Baritone is more a bass than a guitar – certainly the way it was set up when I got it –… Read More

Line 6 Variax 700 Bass Review

I’ve reviewed the Variax guitar, but what about its bass brethren? The Line 6 Variax 700 bass is more subtle but arguably more effective as a modelling instrument. Why? Read on…

Fender Frankenstein Precision Bass Review

Time for a look at the Fender Frankenstein Precision Bass in my quiver, except it’s not one, it’s two. I put both together using a variety of Fender and non-Fender parts, and they have both become the instruments… Read More


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