DIY: Effects Pedal Housing

I’m never happy unless I have something to build, and the latest project has been coming up with an effects pedal housing that’s a bit different to the norm. The goal was to make something cheap without a… Read More

DIY: Pedalboard Hack

I’ve always got some project on the go and this time it’s a pedalboard hack. I’ve been through a lot of pedalboards in my time – big ones, small ones, homemade and professional. Right now for the pedals… Read More

DIY Pick Holder

Now this isn’t an original idea, but this DIY pick holder is pretty cool. I originally saw it on YouTube then went about making my own. A couple of bits of wood (I used some 30mm by 18mm… Read More

DIY Microphone Stand

Just a quick post to show a recent build: a DIY microphone stand. I wanted to keep the various mics I have close at hand when recording, but rather than tuck them away I figured they needed a… Read More

The Definitive Amp In A Box Effect List

As is often the way, when I start wanting to research a subject for my own interest it turns into a list! I’ve been looking at amp in a box effects for a while now as both a… Read More


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