4 Guitars Made From Unusual Materials

Social media feeds over that past month or so have picked up on the amazing guitar made from coloured pencils, and it spiked an interest in me to find other guitars made from unusual materials. A couple of just plain weird, and there’s also the use of timber sourced from unusual places (there are a bunch of these, but I’ve only included one in the list). As usual, please don’t hesitate to add your own finds (or creations) to this list in the comments section below.

Pencil Strat
Yep, you’ve probably seen it already, but make sure you watch the video as the effort that goes into creating it is fantastic. I did wonder how the leads of the pencils would hold up when screwed into, but the builder has obviously got it wired.

This one really amazed me, and I love the collaboration involved to bring it to life. I guess cardboard is just wood in another form, but it’s still quite incredible – again a video that you have to watch to appreciate the skill.

If chopping up a bunch of pencils to make a guitar seems time consuming, spare a thought for what it would have taken to build this one out of matchsticks! The mind really boggle.

Hollywood Bowl
Using vintage timber that comes from unusual sources isn’t a new idea (think Brian May and a mantlepiece!) but I do like the historic connection this one brings and the fact that the timber’s past is visible through the seat number.

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