Original Song: Senses

One of the biggest challenges I’ve faced as my “song-a-month” project has rolled on is coming up with new lyrical ideas. When a theme is hard to come by I sometimes play around with rhyming patterns (in this case having every line rhyme in a verse). And while that works fine for a couple of verses, getting a whole song out of it is tough… unless I can come up with a bunch of things within the theme. This song was just that, and taking the senses theme at least gave me five different verses to play with!

© 2012 Chuck Smeeton

Can’t touch what you can’t hold
Said a wise man so I’m told
If I may be so bold
Play your cards don’t ever fold

Can’t see when there’s no light
truly blind without the bright
Why is everything just white
In this violent visual plight

[chorus] No sense of what my senses
Should bring to my respite
A vacuum that’s a void
Of all I know tonight

Can’t hear when there’s no sound
It’s like you have just drowned
Can’t find the ground to pound
Satisfaction never found

Can’t taste what you can’t eat
No tasty little treat
No savoury or sweet
No flavours to compete


Now I cannot smell
This sensory hell
I can’t get to the well
Upon my future I now dwell

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