Original Song: Waiting

© 2012 Chuck Smeeton

Been overcast for one week straight
Going to bed early and getting up late
And none of the fish are taking the bait

Nothing you try turns out right
Nothing comes without a fight
You’re black and blue right through the night

[chorus] And the rain just keeps on falling
The dreams washed away

You’re digging deep, but your digging holes
Oh you can’t control how the eight-ball rolls
Are you being called when the bell tolls

There’s ups and downs, there’s highs there’s lows.
There’s lost and found, goodbyes and hellos.
But will you catch when someone throws


Thinking big, but feeling small,
You’re waiting for the expected fall
It’s a wonder, that you deal with life at all

If it had been like any day
Turned out any other way
We wouldn’t be sitting here at this cafe


And so the final curtain falls
No rave reviews no encore called
Alone again, staring at the walls

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