I Wish I’d Known – The Berryman/Smeeton Project

For the past month or so Will and I have been bouncing ideas at each other. While it’s not the first collaboration I’ve done, this is more about me being reactive rather than coming up with lyrics and… Read More

Original Song: Seldom Fair

An interesting month 54 in the song-a-month project with “Seldom Fair” in that it followed a path that’s become quite familiar: lyrics pour out quickly and easy early in the month, as does the basic chord pattern. But… Read More

Original Song: Songs Of Cynicism And Regret

And so to the 51st month of the song-a-month project, and this one is really special to me. I’d been playing around with some lyrics about songs about break-ups and love gone wrong – mainly from listening to… Read More

Original Song: The Flame

An exciting development for the 48th month: true collaboration on The Flame! As the song-a-month process has gone on I feel that I have broadened my abilities, but not nearly as far as I’d like to, so the… Read More

Original Song: The Creative Stage

Guess what? Finally a month when I won’t whinge about how hard it was coming up with a song! Yep, this one came together remarkably easily. Lyrics for The Creative Stage were nailed early in the month, but… Read More


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