Original Song: The Bench

February’s original song in 2013 song-a-month series is called The Bench. I was wondering what to write about, saw a park bench, and bingo! I’m reasonably happy with it, but if ever there’s a song I’m looking forward to playing with others and seeing how they interpret it it’s this one. It’s also just about the first song I’ve ever recorded without a guitar or bass part. No reason, just happened that way and I am finding learning to play basic keyboards really fun.

I was going to wait to upload this song until I’d made a video to go with it but I’m not patient enough to wait for that to happen. If I do get something done in the next few weeks I’ll put it up again.

For the technically interested, there’s not much too this. Keyboard is a Roland FP-7 with it’s basic grand piano setting. Vocals through the Apogee One interface using a Shure SM-58 mic. The drums are a Garageband loop that I spent a lot of time chopping up and reconfiguring. Toss in some Garageband strings and a very subtle pad track and that’s about it. You’ll also hear some background noise of crickets chirping. When I was recording this the other night the buggers wouldn’t shut up, so I just figured I’d let them enjoy their day in the sun 😉

©2013 Chuck Smeeton

I sit alone in this park
That I was born in long ago
I’ve never left this place
But I have learnt more than you know

I’ve weathered more than aged
In scorching heat and winter rain
Scarred by roughly gouged ideas
Not once have I complained

[chorus] I am a place to rest
To carry all your pain
Wisdom in my solitude
But nothing to explain

I’ve blindly seen it all
But there’s nothing I can do
Be the place that others think
And wonder why and what and who

The leaves that fall around me
The wind can sweep away
The view remains a constant
Nothing else will stay

[chorus] [verse 1 repeat] [chorus]

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