Original Song: Three Chords

© 2012 Chuck Smeeton

It’s been 30 years since we last met
So much to remember, not much to forget
Beneath the facade we are the same
New wave overtones to our punk refrain

The Saints still ignite that youthful fire
The first riff of Clampdown can still inspire
The Elvis that moves us is still Costello
We may be old but we are not mellow

Never mind means Pistols not Cobain
Amps should be set with lots of gain
Paul Weller remains an idol true
We’ve forgiven Style Council in his musical stew

We here all the samples and we know where they’re from
You hit don’t program the thing called a drum
Auto tune is something you do to a car
It takes more than one track to make you a star

[chorus] Give me three chords and some angry young men
Give me passion and music that never pretends
Give me drums and bass, a guitar or two
And you’ll see I haven’t changed from the one you knew

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