And so the journey comes to an end…

As many of you know for about eight and a half years I have been writing and publishing an original song each month born out of the idea that creativity doesn’t need inspiration, it needs a deadline. You… Read More

One Million Page Impressions!

Seven years and 21 days ago I built this website to track the progress of writing, recording and publishing a song each month. It has been all about staying true to the edict that creativity doesn’t need inspiration,… Read More

RockArt: Garren Lazar Peanuts Remix

I came across my first Garren Lazar Peanuts remix the other day being shared on Facebook. The initial one I saw was the Peanuts gang doing Free Bird – a masterful mixing of the epic Lynyrd Skynyrd track… Read More

7 Essential Tips For Rhythm Guitar

For a long time, I was always the bass player in bands. At home, I’d play guitar when I write songs, but it had always been a solo rather than ensemble instrument. Now that I’m playing rhythm guitar… Read More

Matt Eich on Value For Money?

I’ve previously posted about Mule Resonator Guitars and the amazing work Matt Eich is doing. But there’s more to Eich than his outstanding guitars. His Instagram feed of guitar (and cycling!) goodness features posts that contain philosophical thoughts… Read More


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