I came across my first Garren Lazar Peanuts remix the other day being shared on Facebook. The initial one I saw was the Peanuts gang doing Free Bird – a masterful mixing of the epic Lynyrd Skynyrd track… Read More

RockArt: Mule Resophonic Guitars

I recently came across Mule Resophonic Guitars when a friend shared the video below on Facebook. I’m a sucker for a short film like this – especially when the subject matter is so amazing. Matt Eich builds steel… Read More

RockArt: Lego Guitars

The other day I got very excited when I saw that Lego were releasing a kit to build the motorcycle I own, so I figured that maybe there might be something around another passion: Lego guitars! Turns out… Read More

RockArt: Puppet Beatles

Just saw this the other day and figured I had to share! I don’t know too much about the puppeteers other than the fact that it the video was shot in San Sebastian in Spain. They call the… Read More

RockArt: Inside Instruments

This is a cracker that appeared in my Facebook feed the other day: as part of a campaign to promote the Berlin Philharmonic orchestra Mona Sibai and Björn Ewers came up with an idea to photograph musical instruments… Read More


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