The Originals Vault: Light Sensitive

Last month I posted one of the songs from my Soundcloud account that had occurred before the “song-a-month” thing started. In 2011 I decided to simply record 10 tracks that had been sitting around for ages. It was very basic stuff – pretty much just me and an acoustic guitar most of the time. Actually getting the songs recorded and sharing them with a few friends gave me just enough confidence to start the song-a-month project at the beginning of 2012.

Here’s another one from that time – more than anything I really like the lyrics for this one (the musical side of it is a bit sketchy and sparse) – and at some point it’s one of the songs I’d like to re-record now that I have a slightly better idea of what I’m doing.

© 2010 Chuck Smeeton

C                                        Am
There are places in this world that never seem to sleep
F                                                                   G
And I wonder what the people do when the morning light does creep
C                                                 Am
Into the dark recesses of their mind’s so dark and deep
F                                                        G
When their waking hours are over and they bid a quick retreat

They don’t allow the light to shine and the hands of time stand still
When sunrise is a blurry scene delivered in the morning chill
Or the vendors on the sidewalk who survey the evening’s kill
Unsteady and unsavoury, emerging from the bar and grill

Bridge1 [F C F C F C F G] I was born at 4.15 and it’s when I’ve woken ever since
There is no alarm so early that has ever drawn a wince
So when you’re heading out and I am left alone
Don’t feel that I’m missing out in the comfort of my home

[Chorus] Am7
I think I am light sensitive
As far as I can tell
From dawn’s first light I am all right,
C                      G
But if it’s dark, well babe, goodnight
I think I am light sensitive
I’ve always been that way,
Live like a bird, live by the sun
C                                G
Cos when it’s dark my day is done

From Times Square in New York to casinos everywhere
I’ve walked the streets, I’ve walked the floor and all I do is stare
Cos the world in which these night folk live is to much to much to bear
For a simple man like me who has no sunlight hours to spare

5am is an hour when I wake not go to bed
And staying up past midnight is something that I dread
Cos I know I’ll still awake at dawn but with a sleepy head
So I’ll eliminate the pain and I’ll crash at 8 instead

[Bridge] [Chorus]

I snap awake each morning, there is no gradual rise
Could it be I’m like a tree and need to synthesise
Just like any other that has chosen day or night
I lose energy when the sun’s not shining bright

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