Original Song: Seldom Fair

An interesting month 54 in the song-a-month project with “Seldom Fair” in that it followed a path that’s become quite familiar: lyrics pour out quickly and easy early in the month, as does the basic chord pattern. But when it comes to actually arranging the whole song I struggle to recreate what’s in my mind in actual musicianship. Thankfully I’m firmly in the collaboration mode of doing things, so a call to my keyboard-extraordinaire friend Stephen Morel was made. As usual the result is great – it’s so nice to see what can come from someone else. I did have thoughts of adding more to the track to fill it out, but the more I listened to it keeping it simple seemed the best approach.

© 2016 Chuck Smeeton

C                                  F
Pulled in all directions
Dm                             G
Drowning in confusion
C                                  F
No time to just be calm
Dm                             G
To find the right solution

Everything is pouring out
But nothing’s coming in
Reserves are almost empty
Can’t see where to begin

Where I’ll go I don’t know
But I don’t really care
It won’t be easy, but it never is
Cos life is seldom fair

But still I must move forward
Take in what has been said
But right now all I’m thinking (is)
I’d rather stay in bed


Em / Am x 3
Dm / G


About the original songs
In January 2012 I commenced a goal of trying to write and record at least one song from scratch each month – sometimes it comes easily, sometimes it’s a real challenge, but I love the discipline it creates. I managed to complete the year, but it was so much fun that I’ve decided to keep it rolling for as long as I can.

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