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We came, we saw, we played! A great night for the first Magnificent Companeros gig and we’re very happy with how it went. It was a great feeling to actually perform so many songs that started out here… Read More

The Hellbenders: Tainted Love (again)

I know I’ve put up this version of Soft Cell’s Tainted Love by The Hellbenders before, but we recently redid it with better audio, a couple of cameras, and a change of instruments – yep, my beloved double… Read More

The Hellbenders: Roxanne

You know the drill by now… The Hellbenders head into rehearsal room to try out a new song. Half an hour later we end up with a rough and ready take that we film and then put online… Read More

The Hellbenders: Tainted Love

Putting footage like this out goes against the whole concept of a rehearsal… rehearsal is about getting things right before you go public, so to air your rough and ready stuff is, well, weird. Unless you are The… Read More

The Hellbenders: The Longest Time

Here’s another dodgy rehearsal clip from The Hellbenders – our take on Billy Joel’s “The Longest Time”.


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