Original Song: A Lot Of Ways To Die In Alaska (Cliff Cavan Goes Postal Remix)

One of the biggest drivers behind the creation of an original song each month is to create something that the other people I play with would take and evolve into something else. We’ve played around with a few of them in rehearsal situations but never got as far as recording… until now! I’m incredibly excited at being able to post up a new version of the original song I posted earlier this month: A Lot Of Ways To Die In Alaska – thanks to the collaborative efforts of Aaron Cliff.

Aaron and I have been mates for years and play together in The Hellbenders – and he’s bloody talented! Aaron will tweak his home projects endlessly, which is a pity as very few every get finished. I, of course, am the complete opposite tossing songs up on this site well before they’ve been fine-tuned. That makes Aaron and I the perfect combo I reckon: Aaron turns my rough demos into something that sounds heaps better – and I stop the process taking too long. Aaron would still be mucking around with this, but I dig it just the way it is.

Our collaborations will be going under the moniker of “Cliff Cavan Goes Postal” – Cliff is obvious, so is Cavan. Going postal is a reference to both Cliff Clavin from Cheers, and also the fact that we work via email, “mailing” parts to each other to build up a song.

If you listen to the original song first, you’ll notice how the CCGP Remix maintains the feel but adds so much more!

4 Comments on “Original Song: A Lot Of Ways To Die In Alaska (Cliff Cavan Goes Postal Remix)

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  2. So there I was, thinking “Oh, maybe I could finish some of those tracks. Maybe do an EP.” when I realised my folly. If I don’t let you know when I’ve done a mix, if don’t load it into Dropbox, if I just tweak the volume of the hats down (and then back up) by a couple of Db then I never have to finish anythi…

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