Original Song: You Can’t Pretend

Month 72 of the original song a month project – six good years since it started out as a simple new year’s resolution. Bits of You Can’t Pretend have floated around for the past 18 months but it finally came together this month. As usual, the rough form went to my Magnificent Compañeros partner Will. We ended up recording a lot of the parts one afternoon and we’re pretty happy with how it turned out.

© 2017 Chuck Smeeton

D              Dmaj7
You’ve grown your memory like a crop,
Em           G
That you harvest once a year
D              Dmaj7
No safety net for any other day
Em           G
No voice of reason in your ear

G                          D
But when all is said and done
A          Bm
You just can’t pretend
G         D
Don’t give up on love
We’re only human in the end
When there’s nothing left to say
And coffee was the glue
That kept the fire alive
A theme for all that you’ve been through

Too many days that seemed too long
Darkness smashing through the light
Reflecting on what might have been
As sound replaced the sight

Too many days that have now passed
No chance to change the mould that’s cast
Another game we didn’t play
G         A
And now I know you will not stay


Each night the same, a scheduled rite
Of passage for each chosen one
When all that’s left is all that counts
For the father and the son


About the original songs
In January 2012 I commenced a goal of trying to write and record at least one song from scratch each month – sometimes it comes easily, sometimes it’s a real challenge, but I love the discipline it creates. I managed to complete the year, but it was so much fun that I’ve decided to keep it rolling for as long as I can.


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