And so the journey comes to an end…

As many of you know for about eight and a half years I have been writing and publishing an original song each month born out of the idea that creativity doesn’t need inspiration, it needs a deadline. You… Read More

Original Song: Heat

Month 100 of the song-a-month project and a milestone achieved. Not exactly the song I’d like to go to the ton with, but a song nonetheless! It’s been an interesting month where my fingers have taken a beating… Read More

Original Song: The Ink’s Still Wet

Month 99 of the song-a-month project and the first one done in a social distancing/isolation environment. These are strange times and it’s been an interesting challenge settling into a new routine. Which of course is a setup for… Read More

Original Song: A Minute To Midnight

Month 98 of the original song-a-month project, and I’ve snuck this one in thanks mainly to the extra day in February!! I’ve been listening to a lot of hip-hop beats where there’s a more traditional rock style vocal… Read More

Original Song: I Am Crying

Month 97 of the original-song-a-month project, and one directly influenced by the bushfires we faced over December and January here in Australia. I quite like the way it has turned out by there were a few issues right… Read More


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