RockArt: Mule Resophonic Guitars

Mule Resophonic Guitars1I recently came across Mule Resophonic Guitars when a friend shared the video below on Facebook. I’m a sucker for a short film like this – especially when the subject matter is so amazing. Matt Eich builds steel bodied resonator guitars in Saginaw, Michigan under the Mule Resophonic Guitars label. He’s taken the instrument building skills – and machine shop experience – he had from previous jobs and painstakingly built upon them to create quite unique instruments. All the steel and wood comes from local suppliers, and he uses patina techniques he has taken some time to develop himself. It’s a true labour of love that you can see in the finished product. While my RockArt series of posts tries to focus on things other than instruments, the guitars that Matt builds are simply breathtaking and need to be seen as art – very functional art!

Mule Resophonic Guitars2I’m particularly fascinated by the Mulecaster – basically a steel Tele, with custom pickups and a really interesting bridge setup. I guess I could go on more about Mule, but the best thing would be for you to watch the video and head straight to the website – that’s where the action is.

Again, it’s wonderful to see a craftsman build on the foundations of instrument design and put his own take on something. I’ll certainly be following Matt closely – and maybe one day I’ll be able to put down a deposit to get one myself!!

I’d also suggest you take a look at the blog on the Mule site – not only do you get to see the amazing instruments, there are some very interesting pieces: the process of build, some thoughtful philosophizing, the life of a guitar maker, and other assorted golden nuggets of knowledge.

Mule Resophonic Guitars

RockArt is a series of posts that looks at the more than just the musical side of things: videos, photos, logos and artwork. You can find more here.

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