20 Weird Music Lists

A few people have told me how much they’ve enjoyed some of the music lists I’ve posted, but haven’t seemed to be able to find all of the ones on the site (and to those people I say use the navigation on the site!). I’ve also been looking into a potential podcast built around the lists, and as part of that process I put together a list of the ones that I’ve done. So I figured it was a decent list in its own right! If you liked 25 Tall Musicians, but never seen 17 Weird Musician Endorsements, then this is for you!! (Click the list name for the full list)

1. 25 Tall Musicians

2. 43 Brothers In Bands

3. 74 Bands With Food In Their Name

4. 51 Jobs Musicians Had Before They Were Famous

5. 13 Great Songs About The Law

6. 12 Of The Oldest Musicians Ever In The Charts

7. 25 Best Hidden Tracks

8. 17 Weird Musician Endorsements

9. 42 Musicians Who Spent Time In Prison

10. 25 Athletes Turned Musicians

11. 17 Great Multi-Instrumentalists

12. 28 Musicians Who Left A Band Too Soon

13. 97 Bands With Animals In Their Name!

14. 25 Short Musicians

15. 20 Musicians Who Surf

16. 15 Musical Collaborations

17. 25 Weird Instruments In Rock

18. 10 Best Songs About Baseball

19. 18 Songs Of Summer … Literally

20. 13 Great Songs About Sydney


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