Shuffle Aces: Water And Headphones – The Ropes

It’s been a pretty good week for shufflin’ fun with a bunch of tracks returning from the depths of the hard drive. Crackers have included Tessie (The Dropkick Murphys), Somebody (Slightly Stoopid), Sunny Hours (Long Beach Dub All Stars), California Sun (Ramones) and Don’t Go Now (Ratcat) and Water And Headphones (The Ropes).

The biggest surprise of the week is the last one. It comes from a band I discovered in the previous incarnation of MOG, back when it was a music discovery blog rather than a streaming service.  A combination of trusted MOG bloggers and some random searching had found this great band from NY called The Ropes. More searching at the time revealed a bunch of influence that dovetailed beautifully with my own (The Jam, The Stone Roses, Pulp, The Dandy Warhols, Aztec Camera, Radiohead, Nirvana, Suede, Lloyd Cole and the Commotions, Velvet Underground, Bis, Longpigs, Blondie, Catatonia to name but a few). This track from 2006, with it’s wonderfully simple verse, really grabbed me. I haven’t heard of them since, which made hearing this one for the first time in years pretty cool.

Their wikipedia page – The Ropes – suggests they are still out there battling away. The other track I liked at the time was Kill Her Off which had a similar feel – might be time to search for what else they’ve done…

Shuffle Aces is a series of posts that highlights a song of the week that “shuffling” has brought forth. With all the streaming services it’s not just an iPod on shuffle mode that we use to discover new stuff, but the principle remains the same: hit play and wait to see what gems come forth.

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