12 Know Your Product Versions!

Perhaps the strangest list I’ve done is this one: 12 versions of The Saints’ classic song, Know Your Product. It comes about as I’ve been assisting the preparations for the recording of a The Aints gig. The Aints are Ed Kuepper’s band that does a bunch of old Saints material so I went to YouTube to check out a few performances – including Know Your Product. Before you knew it I was down the YouTube rabbit warren with Know Your Product cover versions coming at me from all directions. Here, then, are 12 versions I quite liked. I think the Chris Bailey/General Dog one is a beauty, The You Am I one is cool (because I can’t ever dislike a You Am I performance), and the King Khan And The Shrines effort may be a bit rough but it’s impossible not to like! Hope you enjoy, but be warned: that riff will be in your head for days!

1. The Saints

2. The Aints

3. Chris Bailey & The General Dog

4. Chris Bailey & Les P@tron$

5. Hunters & Collectors with Peter Garrett

6. You Am I

7. Painters & Dockers

8. King Khan And The Shrines

9. Courtney Barnett

10. The Streetwalkin’ Cheetahs

11. STAG

12. The Returnables

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