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A pretty simple list this month: a bunch of famous children of musicians – or should that be children of famous musicians? I’ve kept it at kids who have followed in their parents footsteps into the music industry,… Read More

42 Musicians Who Went Solo

Many have gone on to have a hit – generally riding on the back of their former ensemble success, but what about those who became as well known as pure solo artists after they left their original crew…. Read More

13 Bass Playing Lead Singers

As anyone who has listened to my original songs here at The Cavan Project knows, singing is not my strong suit, but where it gets even worse is when I try to play bass and sing. I simply… Read More

15 Musical Collaborations

I was excited to read this morning that Elvis Costello is heading into the studio with The Roots – truly one of the most excellent musical collaborations to look forward to in recent years. I love the statement… Read More

Paul McCartney Cigar Box Guitar Revisted

A while back I ran a story on the Paul McCartney cigar box guitar used with the remaining Nirvana guys at 12-12-12 (you can find it here). Like many, it sparked my interest in building my own, and… Read More


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