50 Songs Over 10 Minutes Long

songs over 10 minutes longAs everything we do becomes more and more “bite-sized”, the same thing has happened with music. In pulling together this list it became very obvious very quickly that very few long songs have been released in the last 20 years. The bands that made “epic” and art form – Pink Floyd, Jethro Tull, Mike Oldfield, Genesis, Yes, Frank Zappa, The Doors etc – are all old acts. I’ve tried to keep this to songs that I actually recognized as there’s heaps of prog rock stuff that cracked the 10-minute mark back in the ‘70s, as well as trying to limit the number of tracks that I listed from the aforementioned masters of long play.

There are a couple of personal favourites in here: particularly Television’s Marquee Moon, a long track that is somewhat unusual given the kind of band it came from and the era of short sharp stuff that their contemporaries championed.

1. Amarok, Mike Oldfield, 60:02
2. Thick As A Brick (parts 1 and 2), Jethro Tull, 43:50
3. Mountain Jam, Allman Brothers, 33:40
4. Supper’s Ready, Genesis, 26:07
5. Shine On You Crazy Diamond (1-9), Pink Floyd, 25:52
6. Tubular Bells (Part One), Mike Oldfield, 25:00
7. Tubular Bells (Part Two), Mike Oldfield, 23:50
8. Echoes, Pink Floyd, 23:29
9. Autobahn, Kraftwerk, 22:43
10. 2112, Rush, 20:33
11. Sister Ray, Velvet Underground, 17:27
12. Dogs, Pink Floyd, 17:08
13. In A Gadda Da Vidda, Iron Butterfly, 17:05
14. Babe, I’m On Fire, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, 15:10
15. Voodoo Chile, Jimi Hendrix, 14:59
16. The Celebration of the Lizard King, The Doors, 14:36
17. Telegraph Road, Dire Straits, 14:29
18. Do You Feel Like I Do?, Peter Frampton, 13:45
19. Pirates, Emerson Lake & Palmer, 13:20
20. Machine Gun, Jimi Hendrix, 12:36
21. Loan Me A Dime, Boz Scaggs, 12:31
22. 157 Riverside Avenue, REO Speedwagon, 12:27
23. The Return of the Son of Monster Magnet, The Mothers of Invention, 12:22
24. Gypsy Woman, Tim Buckley, 12:19
25. Starless, King Crimson, 12:16
26. I’d Do Anything For Love (album version – longest song to ever top the charts), Meat Loaf, 11:58
27. The End, The Doors, 11:43
28. Brainstorm, Hawkwind, 11:35
29. Desolation Row, Bob Dylan, 11:21
30. Kuiama, ELO, 11:19
31. Evie (Parts 1, 2 and 3), Stevie Wright, 11:12
32. Out Of The Blue, George Harrison, 11:07
33. I Heard It Through The Grapvine, Creedence Clearwater Revival, 11:05
34. When The Music’s Over, The Doors, 11:00
35. Street Hassle, Lou Reed, 10:59
36. Ocean, Velvet Underground, 10:58
37. Fool’s Overture, Supertramp, 10:57
38. Gemini, Eric Burden & The Animals, 10:45
39. Marquee Moon, Television, 10:41
40. Stormy Monday, Allman Brothers, 10:39
41. July Morning, Uriah Heep, 10:31
42. Lady Of The Lake, Starcastle, 10:28
43. Achilles Last Stand, Led Zeppelin, 10:25
44. The Magicians Birthday, Uriah Heep, 10:21
45. Maggot Brain, Funkadelic, 10:20
46. Child In Time, Deep Purple, 10:18
47. Love and Only Love, Neil Young & Crazy Horse, 10:18
48. Lucille, B.B. King, 10:11
49. Underture, The Who, 10:09
50. Cowgirl In The Sand, Neil Young & Crazy Horse, 10:06

16 Comments on “50 Songs Over 10 Minutes Long

  1. Warning by Ansley Dunbar Retaliation, 10 minute cover by black sabbath.

  2. Good list but it doesn’t seem right to have Genesis, Pink Floyd, ELP, King Crimson and Mike Oldfield on the list but not Yes. Close to the Edge, Ritual, The Revealing Science of God and the Gates of Delirium in particular are classic epic tracks. There’s also newer prog bands like Glass Hammer, The Flower Kings, Spock’s Beard, The Tangent and Transatlantic(to name just a few) who have done some epic stuff.

  3. Also, at 24 minutes long
    The songis called THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH

  4. hey, what about “song of the north” by brunuhville? considering the year it was made in, it’s an outlier compared to normal pop music…

    • I had two in mind. That was one, great song, the other “Season of the witch” from Mike Bloomfield’s Super Session, just over 10 minutes.

  5. Looking for the name of a song. I don’t know who does it, or the artist. But it’s about running from the law, Has Jimmy Stewart voice talking it the lyrics. Anyone???

  6. Goldie – Mother 60:11
    Goldie – Truth 13:52
    Goldie – Dragonfly 16:04
    Goldie – Timeless 21:01

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