What The Hell Is Math Rock?

I’ve always tried to be open to new music in niche genres, and it’s always nice when you come across something that takes you a bit by surprise. On that front, I was recently introduced to something I’d… Read More

Time Machine: Music We Listened To (July 2013)

Here’s a new series of articles! Time Machine will look at the music we listened to in this month 10, 20, 30, 40 and even 50 years ago. There will be good, bad and indifferent songs brought forth… Read More

What Is Mod Music?

When I run through some of the bands that mean a lot to me – The Jam/Paul Weller, the whole Britpop thing, 60s soul and funk – I realise that many of them slot into the “mod” category…. Read More

Neglected Nuggets: Finding New Music and Obscure Tracks

Over the weekend I stumbled across an interesting Twitter account thanks to the excellent podcast from The Rocking Vicar hosts Terence Dackombe and Magnus Shaw. Neglected Nuggets is the concept behind the @thelostrecord Twitter account, where they do… Read More

How To Copyright A Song

There are lots of things I’ve heard about how to copyright a song, but I’ve never actually one much research into the whole thing. It seemed like a good time to delve a bit deeper – and the… Read More


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