Original Song: The Room

© 2012 Chuck Smeeton

The door was left ajar
Embers lying on the hearth
The window slightly open
Leaves scattered on the path

The dishes in the sink
Clothes strewn around the room
Last night’s dinner in the oven
The scent of stale perfume

There may be no life left here
But the presence still resides
In this house that meant so much
Where the ghosts can still reside

So what happened here?
To suck the life right out
The memory of that day
I always think about

And now I’m waiting
Not really knowing
The story left unfinished
Of the legends that are growing

This room is now a shell
Of the memories once inside
But still I can’t let go
Is it passion or my pride?

[chorus] The story of a room
The story of a day
I can’t forget, I can’t let go
That moment just won’t go away

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