The Originals Vault: Clock On The Wall

clock on the wallWhile poking around in my Soundcloud ( account I found a few of the songs that occurred before the “song-a-month” thing started. In fact it was those 10 songs that really got me going. In 2011 I decided to simply record 10 tracks that had been sitting around for ages. It was very basic stuff – pretty much just me and an acoustic guitar. Actually getting the songs recorded and sharing them with a few friends gave me just enough confidence to start the song-a-month project at the beginning of 2012.

I’ll start posting a few of them here over the coming months. This one is a pretty simple love song, but I think it works pretty well.

Clock On The Wall
© 2009 Chuck Smeeton

The clock on the wall keeps ticking away
I have to go but I’d love to stay
In the dark of night and the light of day
I love you more than “love you” can say

A random meeting, just click and connect
At a time in our lives when we both had to reflect
On what we wanted, the chance to dissect
What’s important in love is total respect

[chorus] F#7
Times rolling on
But we’re taking it slow
To keep on track
Make this love grow

I can’t believe I’ve been so lucky to find
A woman so tender so loving so kind
A perfect match of heart, body and mind
Our goals, our dreams, our lives entwined


We’re riding the swell, waiting for the wave
To carry us to the spot we both crave
It’s not always easy, we have to be brave
When those around us don’t always behave

And make choices that often seem so wrong
But we’ll hold on to the dream and remain strong
And when we arrive we’ll see it wasn’t that long
To the final place that’s where we belong



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