Original Song: The Conductor

© 2012 Chuck Smeeton

Out beyond the lineup
At a cold and lonely beach
The conductor calls the chosen
Who fall within his reach

The lure of swell unridden
The lines are sweeping through
A price to pay for the perfect wave
Not considered by the few

[chorus] The call out of the blue
Conducting all the moves
The call out if the blue
Conducting all the moves

I’m first to heed his call
And I paddle past the peak
But he remains beyond my reach
No journey for the weak

Way beyond the lineup
But onward still I go
Drawn to a place I cannot see
Destination I don’t know

Rising up before me
The bone points to the sky
The baton changes hands
I bid my past goodbye

Now way out in the ocean
I sit alone and wait
Who’ll be next to fall
Victim to my bait

The tale of the conductor
The one who rules the sea
The myth is now reality
The conductor… Is me

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