The Hellbenders: Tainted Love (again)

I know I’ve put up this version of Soft Cell’s Tainted Love by The Hellbenders before, but we recently redid it with better audio, a couple of cameras, and a change of instruments – yep, my beloved double… Read More

The Hellbenders: Roxanne

You know the drill by now… The Hellbenders head into rehearsal room to try out a new song. Half an hour later we end up with a rough and ready take that we film and then put online… Read More

Original Song: Flying

As I did last month, I’m loading up this month’s original song – Flying – in a very raw state, mainly because I think there some real potential for a remixed/reworked version to take it to a new… Read More

The Hellbenders: Tainted Love

Putting footage like this out goes against the whole concept of a rehearsal… rehearsal is about getting things right before you go public, so to air your rough and ready stuff is, well, weird. Unless you are The… Read More

Original Song: A Lot Of Ways To Die In Alaska (Cliff Cavan Goes Postal Remix)

One of the biggest drivers behind the creation of an original song each month is to create something that the other people I play with would take and evolve into something else. We’ve played around with a few… Read More


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