Shuffle Aces: Moreland & Arbuckle – Tall Boogie

Moreland and ArbuckleAs part of my cigar box fascination at the moment, I found these guys. Aaron Moreland and Dustin Arbuckle met in Wichita, Kansas and have developed a very cool take on roots/blues – not least because of the unique cigar box guitar that Moreland plays. When you listen to the track it’s hard to believe that such a full sound is coming from a three-piece. These guys are keepers – add Moreland & Arbuckle to your playlist!!

This track, Tall Boogie, showcases Moreland’s fascinating instrument really well. It has a single bass string isolated from the three guitar strings letting him to route the bass string though a bass amp and the other strings though a guitar amp. This allows for the guitarist to play a thumping bass line with his thumb along with the rhythm and melody on the guitar side.

As he explains, “My friend, Mike Schneider, built it for me … It’s got one big string, like a .75, I’ve never played bass so I’m not sure if that’s like a G string on a bass, but it’s something like that. Then there are three guitar strings, so one bass and three guitar. I use a .32, .14 and a .11 … The genius of that guitar is that the strings are split, so I can run the bass string through a guitar amp and the other three guitar strings through a guitar amp. That’s the secret behind the guitar’s larger than life sound.” Of course the other key to the sound is Moreland’s skill! Add the great vocals and harmonica to the mix and you get a really great mix. They have released a few albums, and from what I’ve listened to on Spotify so far all of them capture a wonderful feel for old school blues. Check it out – it’s awesome!

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You can find all the Shuffle Ace tracks – including this one – on a Spotify playlist here.

Shuffle Aces is a series of posts that highlights a song of the week that “shuffling” has brought forth. With all the streaming services it’s not just an iPod on shuffle mode that we use to discover new stuff, but the principle remains the same: hit play and wait to see what gems come forth.

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