Original Song: Sand Beneath His Feet

I wrote the lyrics for this song one morning down at Narrabeen Lakes. While the girls were out kayaking I noticed a bloke sitting on a bench starting out across the water. I started thinking about what he was thinking; what may be going on in a middle-aged man’s life that he could be contemplating. The first verse was easy, and the rest just flowed from there.

© 2012 Chuck Smeeton

Looking out across the water
On a peaceful Sunday morning
Take time, take stock, take a break
Reflect upon his calling

His family, his wife, his kids
Bunkered down at home
Yet here he sits and contemplates
Just who he is and how he’s grown

[chorus] And the water keeps on lapping
Upon the sand beneath his feet
There’s never been a better time
To make his life complete

[bridge] Who exactly is he
Does he even know himself
Will his dreams be realised
Or left upon the shelf?

He talks of passion for his goals
But has he lost his way
Focus on what he wants
The words he has to say

The home, the car, the job, the watch
Badges of his time
What do they really stand for
Is life like this a crime?

[chorus] [bridge]

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