RockArt: Stash Stainless Bass

ugly schmucks dating siteA little while ago a mate of mine alerted me to this bass, and if ever an instrument deserves a slot in RockArt it’s this. All the info about it says it’s quite easy to play but I imagine it would take a bit of getting used to. Still, you have to admire someone who comes up with an idea like this then carries it through to constructed completion.

The someone in question is a bloke called Stan Potyrala. You can find a bit about it at the Stash Stainless Bass website, but the guts of it is that he simply wanted to try something new. As he says in the FAQ section, “If the status quo is not being challenged we would have missed out on so many great developments in both of these fields.” Very true.

Check out the video and you’ll see that all the conventional playing techniques can be used with it, and like the Torzal Twist instrument I’ve previously posted about the ergonomics apparently help the fretting hand, wrist and fingers. And obviously there aren’t too many issues with changes in temperature affecting the tuning!

Here are some specs:

Pickups: custom made split coils with Alnico 5 magnets
Weight: 4.5kg (10lb)
Body: Stainless steel brushed.
Scale: 34” (24 frets)
Neck: Stainless steel tube acoustic 38mm dia (1.5”)
Frets: H=1mm (0.040) W=3mm (0.118”) flat with rounded edges
Bridge: stainless steel adjustable
Potentiometers: 250K volume and tone
Tuners: Gotoh type
String space: nut = 8.5mm (0.334”), bridge 15.5mm (0.610”)
Jack: Switchcraft
Country of origin: Canada, Patent Pending
Introductory Price: $3000

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