RockArt: Mutemath – Typical

mutemathI still remember the first time I saw the video for the Mutemath song Typical – I was mesmerized. While the whole thing of creating a “backwards” video isn’t new, there was something about the way they pulled this together that fascinated me. And in a world where videos are such a critical component in the marketing of a song or band, this one nailed it: an entry point to a band I was not previously aware of but grew to really enjoy.

The Typical clip first hit YouTube in 2007 and got more than 100,000 views in its first four days. The band took three weeks to learn all their parts and apprantly the drumming was the most difficult. The song eventually topped out at #35 in the charts. Below is the clip, but balso make sure you watch the “making of” one and also the footage in normal mode before it was reversed (cool, even though it doesn’t have sound).

The “making of” clip:

And here is the footage “backwards” or normal but with no sound:

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