RockArt: Mojobone Works Slides

A while back when I was building a couple of cigar box guitars I joined the Cigar Box Guitar Facebook group. There I noticed a couple of posts come through from Randy Bretz, the man behind Mojobone Works. I was immediately struck by the creativity and craftsmanship he displays in creating his unique bone and wood slides, as well as a range of bone nuts, saddles, bridges, and custom guitar picks. I’m intrigued as to how he can get the wood and bone to work so well together – but I think I’ll just be happy to leave that as part of the magic!

I love it when you come across things like this: a regular guy who just happens to have an amazing talent and is creating something really beautiful – and we should all support grassroots craftsmen. He builds his products using bones and an assortment of different exotic woods. The combination is responsible for a tone and feel that is mellower than glass or steel and but has a wonderful feel. Randy is also a skilled engraver and can add some pretty interesting personalization to his products. The Mojobone Works slides start at about US$50 for a 2” stubby model, but remember that everything is custom so he can play around with various woods and the aforementioned engraving to get exactly what you want.

You can check out more at the Mojobone Works Facebook page – – and you can email Randy at to get more info or place an order.

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