RockArt: Lucas Brunelle – Welcome To The Jungle

wow dateThe link to music is a little tenuous on this one but it’s something that I’ve always loved and just wanted an excuse to post it. The first time I saw this video several years ago I was immediately struck by the fact the music was the perfect match for the footage. In these days of GoPros, footage like this is pretty common, but in the early 2000s when Lucas Brunelle was shooting cycle courier stuff he really was at the cutting edge and I remember how blown away people were who saw this clip. This video has always been a favourite of mine – for both the footage and the music choice.

You can read a bunch more about Brunelle at his website, and there are many other examples of his work online. Brunelle also made a great film – Line Of Sight – about the whole urban cycling scene back in 2012 that has been shown at many cycling film festivals. You should really try and check it out (you can order it on his website), but at the very least check out the trailer – it’s awesome!!

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