RockArt: Cajon Genius

cajon geniusNot sure quite how to categorise this story but I’m listing it as a RockArt piece simply because there is absolute artistry in what these guys are doing! I came across these clips on YouTube when I was looking at new ideas for a cajon build. Alexander Botvinkin (cajon) and Timur Vedernikov (guitar) are from Moscow and are featured in a set of promo videos for the Schlagwerk percussion company.

Timur Vedernikov is a musician, actor, music-writer, arranger, sound producer and multi-instrumentalist. He is a bit of a gun on acoustic guitar, dobro, harp, lap-steel, drums and percussion. There’s even some footage of him with Tommy Emmanuel playing “Borsalino” at the Mamakabo music festival.

As far as Alexander Botvinkin goes, I’m afraid I can’t find a thing! I’m guessing he a sponsored session muso, but that could be way off and I’d love to know more about him – and, even more to the point, hear more of his music!

These four clips are great examples of two outstanding musicians having a blast – and I just love hearing what Alexander in particular is doing with the cajon. Hope you enjoy!

RockArt is a series of posts that looks at the non-musical side of things: videos, photos, logos and artwork – or in this rare case, musical artistry! You can find more here.


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