Original Song: Questions

© 2012 Chuck Smeeton

See right through corridors that lead to empty places
See people racing through the barricades and races
See structures standing tall where open space belongs
See through all those lies, see rights instead of wrongs

Have you ever asked yourself what it is you truly need
Have you ever seen a tree and thought about the seed
Have you said the things that you really want to say
Have you ever stood still when you want to run away

What will you do when tomorrow breaks
What will you do to raise the stakes
What might have been if you’d made that call
What could you do to arrest the fall

Will you find another way
Will you discard it all just to have your say
Will you bend and buckle beneath the weight
Will you take a stand or is it too late

How can you change yourself when you don’t know where to start
How do you face the challenges, how do you take heart
How many times have you wondered what it is that you must do
How to rise above it all, make a plan and see it through

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