Original Songs

The very reason The Cavan Project started was original songs. Back in 2011 I finally, after years of writing and recording random snippets of songs, spent a month or so recording 10 tracks. Listening back to them now it was pretty basic stuff, but the act of getting off my butt and actually getting something finished was really satisfying. Around Christmas time that year I came up with a new year’s resolution to write and record a new song for each month of 2012. I was pretty strict: I couldn’t start the song before the 1st in any form. It was a great process that certainly backed up one of my favourite sayings: “Creative people don’t need inspiration, they need a deadline”. Obviously I enjoyed it so much I just kept going. These days I’m not quite a strick – I’ll jot down lyric ideas and use them months later, same with riff ideas – but the basic premise is the same.

You can find all the original songs to date here: http://www.thecavanproject.com/category/recordings/originals/

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