Original Song: Marrying Kind Of Day

Wedding original songThis month’s original song was fraught with danger from the start! Given I often look for inspiration for a song during the month that I have to get it done, the fact that I got married in late August made for an obvious piece of subject matter. Problem is a wedding song had the potential to be about as sappy as they come!

Lyrically I’m pretty happy with where it ended up, but musically I took a real risk. My wife’s bridal entry song was Jack Johnson’s Better Together so I decided to simply use the chords from it for my wedding song! Happily it works without sounding anything like the original – at least to me.

The original plan was to feature some of my friends on the song seeing as at the wedding we had a pretty cool jam late into the evening featuring various guitars, ukuleles, violin and assorted percussion. I sent a couple of friends a basic version of the track and told them to noodle away in A minor pentatonic, with the plan being that I could somehow blend their solos in. Problem was I gave them practically no time to do it so that will have to wait for a potential remix further down the track. I also figured it would be cool to feature the kids singing back-up vocals in the chorus, but we haven’t got around to that either!

So here it is, finally, September’s original-song-a-month selection. And given how awful I thought this may have ended up, I’m actually reasonably happy with it! It is pretty raw but then again, what’s new!

For the technically interested, the song used a Taylor T5 for all the guitar parts, a Kala U-bass that I borrowed for the bass bit, a Fender Koa Nohea tenor ukulele, a sE x-1 mic. All instruments went through an Apogee One interface into Logic Pro 9 on a Mac!

© 2013 Chuck Smeeton

It was a marrying kind of day
In every kind of way
Surrounded by our family
Gathered under a special tree
Friends from every phase of life
To see my girl become my wife
It was a marrying kind of day
In every kind of way

A marrying kind of day
In every kind of way
A marrying kind of day
In every single way

It was a day to celebrate
The 17th’s now a special date
Making music by the fire
Was everything I could desire
Speeches that gave way to song
A moment for all to belong
It was a day to celebrate
A very special date


It was a very special day
As those attending will all say
The boys clad in their chucks and tux
Ramones and Connies true deluxe
Girls adorned in vintage cool
Denim, lace, true old school
It was a very special day
In every kind of way


It was a day that went so well
So many stories left to tell
Clouds swept away on the breeze
A group brought closer by degrees
And when the final words were said
And everyone had gone home to bed
We drank a final glass of red
Reflected on the day we wed


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