Original Song: Getting Off Stage

100 free disabled dating sitesMonth 58 of the original-song-a-month project, and as per last month I’m putting up Getting Off Stage in quite a raw state. This track has already been slated for The Compañeros so I wanted to have this one left pretty rough to really illustrate where it came from when we finally release the new treatment. All I’ve done here is record the vocals and a couple of acoustic guitar tracks – and Will supplied a bass line. It does feel like there’s plenty of scope for additional instrumentation so I’ll make sure to post up a link to the revised version when it appears.

This is a song built around an idea of a country music singer finally retiring from the music scene – and while the lyrics might seem a little obscure they draw from a number of articles about the country music scene and the changes it has gone through. Hope you enjoy it!

Update (22/11/16): Some Compañero magic has now been completed on this one and you can here it at http://www.thecompaneros.com/album/getting-off-stage/

© 2016 Chuck Smeeton

B         C#m             F#          B
Minor chords and tales of sorrow
G#m        C#m        F#           B
You can’t take but you can borrow
B             C#m            F#             B
Sun dial smiles and rain drop tears
G#m            C#m               F#          B
Words that can’t explain all your fears

A                                       E
When the time comes, you’ll understand
B                                    C#m
It’s just a thing about life in a band
A                                     E
And if you don’t read to the last page
B                                             C#m
You’ll never know why I’m getting off stage

Walking, stalking but never talking
Step by step but never balking
Right the wrongs of a time that passed
Capture moments, gone so fast


The murder down on music row
Was just before the final show
Despite the fact they’d all said no
Every single one would stoop that low
But for those of us who’d seen the foe
And had the smarts to up and go
How it happened we’d never know
Only memories left in tow


Charts that tell only half the story
Music halls with no more glory
A golden age that is now tarnished
Should be plated but is only varnished


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