Original Song: End Of An Era Blues

For a few years now I’ve been using Garageband to record my songs, but now I’ve finally decided to “upgrade” to Logic Pro. The thing is, I’ve never really used the thing that has made Garageband so popular for many: all the loops that come with it. Okay, I have used the various drum loops at time, but that’s pretty much it. To mark the end of an era I finally decided to actually build something without my hands ever touching an instrument. I did do a few editing tweaks on some of the loops, but very little. What’s more it took me less than an hour to come up with my final all-Garageband original song the End Of An Era Blues! Maybe I should have looked at this way of creating music a bit more…

The shift to Logic Pro has been a long time coming – partly because I was comfortable with Garageband and partly because I didn’t want to spend $700+ upgrading. But when the Apple App Store version came down to $209 it became much more interesting. The fact that Logic is a “pro” app with a much better mixing setup, better effects and software instruments and just generally more advanced makes it something I’m looking forward to growing into. I’ve heard the learning curve can be quite steep but that an understanding of Garageband makes it a bit easier.

I’m also pleased that all my Garageband projects can be opened in Logic so I can go back in and see what I can do to existing tracks. I’ve also heard that quite a few people will still start projects in Garageband before sending them to Logic for the final mix and production. Finally, I do have access to a couple of friends who are well versed in Logic so that should help the process a bit, even if there’s no doubt they will get a good laugh out of some of my more stupid questions…

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