Original Song: Big Old Storm

A few months ago we were all driving back from Kangaroo Valley to the city one Sunday night… and this song is, finally, the story of that night and the weather we faced on the way home. Big Old Storm is an original song that came together quite easily once I came up with the first verse or two.
Musically it’s something new for me. I randomly plucked E major out as the scale to work in, then set about trying to get all the chords into the song – I only managed six out of seven though (I just can’t work out how to wedge a D# diminished chord in there!!).

On the recording front, the guitar is the trusty Taylor T5, bass is played on my homemade fretless bass, some orchestral pads through the Arturia synth, and vocals through a TC Helicon VoiceLive Play. I used an Apogee One interface for all the instruments and vocals. It’s a simple song that I didn’t want to over complicate. I should also add that despite me saying a week o so ago that I was shifting across from Garageband to Logic Pro, this song was still done in Garageband as I didn’t want to shift software half way through the process!!

© 2013 Chuck Smeeton

And so we drove into the night
Stomachs full and faces bright
The clouds ahead looked awfully dark
We wondered if they’d leave their mark

Through the valley, up the hill
Treetops stirred, no longer still
Inside the car we felt so warm
As we drove towards that big old storm

It was a night like no other
No place to go and seek some cover
That big old storm would have its way
We’ll not forget that day…

The raindrops fell with a steady beat
Kids asleep in the back seat
The wind picked up, a steady roar
And I pushed the pedal to the floor

The thunder cracked, the lightning flashed
Relentless nature at its best
The water rose, could barely see
Radio on the ABC


Traffic slowed to a crawl
Battered by another squall
Onwards onwards still we went
Into the storm that heaven sent

Then suddenly all was still
The big old storm had had its fill
Debris scattered all about
A hella storm, there was no doubt

And so we drove on in the night
Stars emerged and shon so bright
Destination getting near
No more big storm to fear


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