Original Song: Another Day

December’s song in my 2012 song-a-month project! Back when I made it my goal to do at least one original song from scratch each month I was intrigued as to how it would play out. There were a couple of tough months (especially February when I was lucky it was a leap year and got a song up at about 10pm on the 29th!) but now it’s just become part of what I do every month – and I can see no reason at all to stop!

This song proved more challenging to complete than others over the past few months, and it still doesn’t feel like it’s properly completed. I really like the lyrics but I struggled with the instruments: what to use, the kind of feel etc. In the end it’s ended up this way rather than as an acoustic guitar song as I’d originally envisioned. It feels like it needs some more variety – especially as the vocal is within a pretty narrow range and can sound a bit “samey”. It’s something that has always been tough for me. I took some singing lessons a couple of years ago to try and learn how to provide more variety in how I sound (so you can imagine how bad it was before that!). Still a work in progress!

 Another Day
© 2012 Chuck Smeeton

Maybe you could tell me
About your greatest fear
You don’t have to say it very loud
Just whisper in my ear

It may be the one
You’ve never had to say
Locked away inside your heart
Is not where it should stay

[chorus] Cm
It may not be what you want to hear
But it’s said from in my heart
Tomorrow’s just another day
D              D7
To make another start

At 12 years old you can’t be told
How it is you’ll leave your mark
Just know that I’ll be always there
A landscape not so stark

Don’t judge a fish by how it climbs
A tree, or so I’ve heard
Actions will define the path
No need to say a word


Tomorrows just another day
Today is all that you hold
Yesterday is gone
Forget what you’ve been told

Look into the mirror
What can it reveal
Talk to me,
Stand up, don’t ever kneel


What will be is what will be
Stay true to what you feel
Black is not a colour
That will ever let you heal

And when the curtains fall
The mind cannot snap shut
What you say to me
Is not the deepest cut


1 Comments on “Original Song: Another Day

  1. Mate, well done!

    What a great project, and you’ve achieved what you set out to do. I love everything that this project stands for. Creativity really is the greatest expression of our humanity.

    May you carry on for many more years.


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