Original Song: One That Got Away

It shows how up to date with pop music that I’ve ended up using a Katy Perry title on December’s original song that wraps up the song-a-month project for 2013! Trust me, I really didn’t know until the kids pointed it out to me! Still, it’s a good feeling to have completed yet another year and I’m already looking forward to what 2014 will bring. The past couple of months has been pretty busy with the building of the custom box guitars so it’s nice to have them out of the way and be able to concentrate on some songwriting!

The concept for this one came from a short holiday a couple of months ago when my fishing prowess was sorely tested. The idea of “one that got away” was as far as I went with it until started to pen the lyrics this month. Musically it feels like I’m more back in my wheelhouse rather than some of the different style I’ve experimented with in the second half of the year – with mixed results.

Not too much more to add with this one. I stuck with Garageband as I wanted to give the “automatic drummer” feature another spin as well as exploring some more of the features since they released Garageband X. As is becoming the norm my fretless bass and trusty Taylor T5 guitar got a run, and I tried a new patch on the TC-Helicon Voicelive Play.

So that’s it for 2013 – happy new year and let’s see what next year brings on the original song front.

One That Got Away
© 2013 Chuck Smeeton

They say that I’m a lucky man
I guess it feels that way
But not all has fallen right
Like the one that got away

Didn’t take the bait
No matter what was tried
And when the winds of change blew through
No place left to hide


It was the one that got away
The one I really sought
It was the one that got away
The one that came to naught

It’s all about the bait
The line that’s just a hook
Reeling need to improvise
But better by the book

Drawn towards the light
Right time, right place
Can’t hide anymore
Just try and save face


Never hold the pace
Dart between ideas
Altitude can’t save you now
Consumed by all your fears

The one that got away
The one ill never know
The one that got away
Nothing left to show

Locked in mortal combat
A battle til the end
Doubled over by the fight
Nothing left to fend

Chewed up, spat out
Never left a mark
Snagged upon a rock
Misheard the last remark


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