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If you’re a list person I don’t really need to explain anything about why I get a kick out of coming up with weird ideas for lists and then spending a whole bunch of time pulling them together. If you’re not then you’ll no doubt think I’m weird. Either way, one of the other routines that has come to be part of The Cavan Project each month is creating music lists – for my entertainment as much as anything.

You can find them all at women attracted to younger men

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  1. So there seems to be a whole lot of people like me that are looking for very long trunks to use as background music for slideshows. Most slideshow apps will let you load ONE song (from iTunes), but I’m having a very hard time finding electronic, or trance, or ambient, or jazz, or instrumental, or chill out music, something suitable without lyrics, that is over 10 minutes in length.
    I create long slide shows to share with my family around the country and readily need songs 12 to 20 minutes long. I’m having a hard time finding a collection of options that are sort of a relaxing and upbeat and positive vibe to put behind a vacation-type photo and video slideshow collage. And if you read reviews of slideshow apps, this seems to be a big deal with a lot of people. Any suggestions would be so gratefully appreciated! Thanks, Karey

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