The Magnificent Compañeros – Down At Findlay Park

Regular readers will be well aware of the work that Will Berryman and I have been doing getting the first album together for The Magnificent Companeros. The good news is that Down At Findlay Park is now available on iTunes, Google Play and all your favourite (and reputable) digital platforms. What’s more work is continuing a pace on material for the second album under the working title Seafaring Songs And Other Adventures. Perhaps the last piece of work in relation to our debut release is to get the songs ready for playing live. We’re certainly not precious about trying to maintain exactly the same sound as the album version – which, let’s face it, would be impossible without hiring an orchestra – so there’s a bunch of fun to be had it pulling together a bunch of likely compañeros and getting set for a gig or two.

Oh, and for the audiofiles amongst you, the album is also available in WAV format.

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